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People as essential, unique resources. Interwoven expertise that defines our identity

Our employees are the essence of the company.

Passion, great teamwork and constant commitment to improvement enable us to overcome daily challenges and to achieve the most ambitious goals.

What do we offer our staff?

  • a workplace that complies with the strictest standards (we are ISO 45001-certified)
  • dedicated trainingas a tool for personal and professional development
  • an agreement with Sassuolo Hospital which provides for discounts and shorter waiting timesfor specialist examinations performed on a private basis
  • summer play scheme for employees’ children
  • agreement with local bilingual school for children 0-10 years old
  • one-time bonus for the wedding
  • tax advice at special rates
  • discounts on the purchaseof Florim products for employees’ homes
  • free entry to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice for employees and concessions for family members
  • free provision of water
  • fuel vouchers as a presentfor the Christmas holidays
  • Corporate welfare platform for access to a broad package of services
  • Special deals with sports facilities

If you want to learn more, you can browse through the Report.

Social responsability

The Group’s Social Responsibility is reflected in a high degree of attention to the needs of the people who work for the company, their families and the local community.

As well as specific measures to support incomes and jobs, even during the hardest economic times, Florim has decided to invest in its workforce in order to constantly increase their sense of belonging and improve the quality of teamwork.

Passion, innovation, and a constant commitment to improvement are the strategic principles underlying the Group’s approach to business, and support/accompany its personnel in the achievement of shared objectives. Although large and with a complex structure, the company has made every effort to keep internal relationships and communication simple at all levels.

What’s more, anyone working at Florim works in a safe, clean, well lit, attractive location that is a good working environment, even in the production departments where less attention is generally paid to conditions. The large number of corporate welfare projects demonstrate the care which the company dedicates to its workforce, placing a particular focus on health issues.

Thanks to a unique partnership with the local hospital, Florim employees in Italy enjoy discounts and shorter waiting times for specialist medical examinations. Specific meetings on health and wellness topics are also organised for all employees and their families.


Health and safety

Its employees’ health and safety has always been a top priority for Florim, which was the first Italian ceramics corporation to achieve BS OHSAS 18001 international occupational health and safety certification. Both Italian locations have confirmed their compliance by obtaining the new UNI EN ISO 45001 certification.

Every year, in addition to rigorous inspections and maintenance, specific training is provided on the environment and safety, to raise awareness among workers and supervisors. BLSD refresher courses are also ongoing for employees trained in first-aid operations and the use of the many defibrillators available on site. Each year, employees at Italian sites are offered the opportunity to receive a free flu vaccine directly in the workplace.

In 2022, the “Smoke-free Florim” project continued to create more awareness of the harmful consequences of nicotine.

With support from Sassuolo Hospital, the company also organises free events open to the local community for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. BLSD refresher courses are ongoing for the team of Florim employees trained in first-aid operations and the use of the defibrillators available on site.

Work with us

We are a large, continually evolving business that is constantly looking for motivated people who, with their dedication and determination, can help us to turn challenges into great successes.

It is people who build our company through their passion, innovation and constant commitment to improvement. Anyone who chooses to work with us decides to become a fundamental part of our way of doing business: MADE IN FLORIM.

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