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The perfect balance between refined environments, attention to detail and design, Florim tiles are ideal for both the flooring and wall tiling of the bathroom area. Thanks to slabs, mosaics and decorations available in various sizes, colours and surfaces, bathrooms become exclusive customized retreats.

The wide array of surfaces and items available offer versatile solutions and ideas for every need and style.


Porcelain stoneware bathroom tiling: ideas

Material versatility and project quality: Florim bathroom tiles offer an extensive range of unique ideas for the flooring and wall tiling of your bathroom. You will be able to satisfy all your needs for comfort, elegance and style, ranging from retro minimalism to the rough style of quartzite, from the captivating charm of stone and marble to the strength of slate, right through to bold colours and unexpected artistic influences.


Bathroom tiles: making your choice

  • Size, aesthetics, budget
    When designing your ideal bathroom, you should first think about the size of the room, the budget and the aesthetic and functional result you want to achieve.
  • Slabs and tiles
    Tile size is one of the fundamental elements: the choice should be made between small, medium or large format tiles depending on personal taste. Large tiles, for example, offer tangible advantages: they amplify the perception of space and minimise joints and grout lines thereby making cleaning easier.
  • Choosing the height
    The height of the bathroom wall tiling is a key choice because, depending on personal taste, it opens up different possibilities to enhance the space at your disposal. For example, you can create material and chromatic continuity between horizontal and vertical surfaces or play with contrasting tones with floor, furniture and accessories.Good looks aside, it is also important to consider the functional factor linked to the environment you are working in: although there is no fixed height for laying tiles on the wall, in the case of full-height wall coverings it is important to ensure that the floor is perfectly leveled. It is also essential to reach a reasonable height with porcelain stoneware wall covering so that jets of water do not wet the bathroom wall, leading to the formation of damp stains, mould, bad odours and flaking which can compromise the space and looks.

Wall and floor tiles for small bathrooms

Light and bright tones are usually recommended for smaller bathrooms, while more intense and darker colours can be a good choice in case of larger rooms.

As for size, larger formats are a big favourite because, even in case of small rooms, they amplify the perception of a wider space and are easier to clean.

Porcelain stoneware for the bathroom: useful and versatile

Porcelain stoneware is a compact, non-porous and extremely resistant material whose extraordinary characteristics make it ideal for both flooring and wall tiling in the bathroom.

The main advantages of stoneware tiles and slabs are:

  • they are extremely resistant to shocks, scratches, substances and atmospheric agents;
  • water-repellent: thanks to the low water absorption coefficient of ceramic material, stoneware slabs are the ideal choice for environments where the humidity rate is high;
  • easy to clean and maintain;
  • lower laying costs compared to other materials, such as traditional parquet (of which wood look tiles can be a valid alternative, being more resistant, durable and suitable for damp environments)
  • they are hygienic and environmentally friendly.
    In addition to these features, the greatest advantage of porcelain stoneware is without any doubt its wide vast range in terms of sizes, thicknesses, colours and looks (stone, marble, wood and fabric look tiles), meeting every design requirement.

A total look for your dream bathroom

Thanks to the latest generation technology and Florim’s research studies, large slabs make it possible to extend the customisation of your bathroom from wall and floor coverings furniture elements, like so-called vanity tops.

Even the dream of total look bathroom – with a luxurious and exclusive allure – can be accessible thanks to the elegant easy to install large Magnum Oversize slabs.

Shower wall tiles

Large porcelain tiles are the ideal choice for your shower, for both shower tray and wall cladding.

The porcelain shower tray:

  • does not flex, is very stable and not slippery
  • same looks of natural materials such as stone, wood or marble, is resistant to fungi, stains and mould and does not turn yellow over time
  • resistant to thermal shock (change from hot to cold water) and high temperatures

Porcelain stoneware wall tiles, especially large slabs, protect the wall from steam and water splashes.

Florim’s wide choice of patterns and colourways will allow you to mix the classic rules of colour matching with your personal taste and find a truly unique aesthetic solution, with the highest level of customisation.

By studying the combination of floor and wall tiles, you will be able to give your shower visual continuity with the rest of the bathroom (a high level for walk-in showers, more nuanced for more traditional enclosures).

A walk-in shower can complete both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your next total look bathroom.

Lastly, large format slabs guarantee lightness, easy cutting, a high level of practicality and handling, and maximum ease of maintenance (thanks to fewer joints and grout lines).

Bathroom tile ideas to inspire you

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