Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile

The essence of nature blends with the most advanced technologies

The raw material arrives from nature: sand, clay and feldspar. These are the ingredients of the porcelain recipe. The rest is the result of hard work, experience, technological innovation and creative passion.

Porcelain stoneware is a material with incredible aesthetic potential and technical performance. Before firing, anything is possible; afterwards, it is impervious and eternal.

How is porcelain tile made?

There are those who say that it is “pressed clay”, but it is actually something more.

The natural raw materials are carefully selected and checked, mixed with water, ground, atomized (transformed into powder), pressed with about 400 kg/cm2 of power, fired at extremely high temperatures (above 1200°C) in kilns up to 150 meters long and cooled gradually. It is precisely the firing that determines the vitrification that gives the material such exceptional resistance.

Florim porcelain tile

Here at Florim, all of this comes with over 60 years of experience and passion, investments in the most modern production technologies and great attention to the precious resources who process it: the employees.

A totally ‘Made in Italy‘ production with a very attentive eye to the environment. We use photovoltaic panels and two co-generation systems to produce our own electrical power.

The advantages of porcelain tile

In order to be defined porcelain tile, the ceramic must have a water absorption grade lower than 0.5% (percentage of water mass absorbed), which is an almost zero value. This characteristic of impermeability makes it resistant, non-absorbent and high performance in technical terms.
Main features:

  1. Impact and stress resistant
  2. Wear resistant
  3. Scratch resistant
  4. Frost resistant
  5. Chemical resistant
  6. Stain resistant
  7. Hygienic


Porcelain tile use

Technical features of porcelain tiles

Our porcelain tiles are 100% fire-inert and there is hence no risk of damage in the event of exposure to naked flames and they do not contribute to fire intensification and
propagation. They do not release toxic substances, gases or fumes of any kind and, in case of fire, provide considerable protection to the structures on which they are applied,
strongly reducing the thermal stress to which they are subjected.

Our porcelain slabs do not constitute a base for proliferation of bacteria and they are suitable for use in places where it must be easy to maintain sterile conditions.

The results of specific studies have pointed out that the level of natural radioactivity in these materials is not a source of potential risk for persons that live in houses where
floor and wall tiles are laid

The debris resulting from porcelain tile demolition is inert (unreactive, chemically and physically stable, resistant to prolonged exposure to extreme conditions from the thermal,
hygrometric and chemical point of view) and can be disposed of in the environment without any particular risk, as well as finding use in the preparation of foundations, etc.



What is porcelain stoneware?

Porcelain stoneware is a compact, nonporous ceramic material with great aesthetic and technical potential that is created by mixing raw materials (such as sands, clays and feldspars) with water. After being finely ground, these substances are pressed and fired at high temperatures to make stoneware an extremely durable and unalterable material over time.


What is the difference between a tile for floors and coverings?

The main differences are in the technical characteristics (such as abrasion resistance and slipperiness) and any decorations or processing done after firing that may make the material suitable only for coverings and not for floors. However, it is always good to consult experienced professionals before choosing which product to use.


Can porcelain stoneware be used on floors?

Porcelain stoneware can also be used on floors provided it meets specific technical requirements (e.g. slipperiness and, in the case of outdoor spaces, weather resistance and water repellency).

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