The Florim brands

Six brands, all different. Each with a specific personality and precise target, but all united by the same vocation for beauty and a single tagline: DESIGN IS OUR PASSION.

Florim is responsible for the individual brands with regard to technical quality, attention to detail, innovation and environmental awareness. Then each brand interprets materials with a specific philosophy that is expressed in every new collection.

Architectural design

Floor Gres, a historic brand of the Florim group, is the brand dedicated to design architecture. The range of Floor Gres fine porcelain stoneware surfaces is able to meet the various design, technical and eco-compatibility needs of modern architecture.

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Luxury design

Rex in the search for eternal beauty finds the sensual support of the most precious material nature has to offer. Ostentatious luxury or sophisticated use of material for a more informal elegance. Rex interprets the environment emphasizing the search for individual pleasure through beauty.

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L’arte dell’ambiente italiano

Following an outstanding season in which Florim took the lead in an unprecedented experimentation on the materials and stylistic fronts, the brand is relaunching the CEDIT brand. Having been created with the desire to explore new methods of expression that could characterize the culture of lifestyle, this company made its mark on the 20th-century scenario in a unique adventure.


Creative design

Casa dolce casa-Casamood is the Florim brand where quality and creativity find a perfect balance. The project is expressed through constant dialog between the search for color and naturally inspired textural contaminations where the atmospheres of the architectural design match the interior decoration to constitute true sensory experiences.

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Contemporary design

Versatile, dynamic, fresh, Cerim products free your creativity to give shape to your spaces with the ‘Made in Florim’ guarantee. Porcelain stoneware surfaces designed to finish any domestic environment based on your style and your personality. The living area, the kitchen or the bathroom flaunt personality and energy.

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The best of the kitchen countertop and every one of its complements, finally customized in style and design, without compromise. Porcelain stoneware sheets in a unique large size (greater than 160×320 cm) available in three thickness options (6, 12 and 20 mm) and various finishes are at the service of interior decorators to provide creative flexibility and high technical and aesthetic performance.

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