Our environmental awareness

Florim has a long history of environmental sustainability. An awareness that began in the ‘60s and has become an integral part of our business model over time.

Targeted investments worth more than 58 million Euros since 2011 and routine production process management practices have enabled us to achieve major new milestones in the conservation of the environment and resources.


Virtually no environmental impact of wastewater discharges is specified at Florim, since 100% of the wastewater from the production cycle is reused. The only water not recycled is that utilized for the company’s washrooms and kitchens and the water which evaporates. In order to optimize the use of water resources, Florim has introduced innovative dry rectifying lines which enable the company to eliminate the physical/ chemical treatment of the water used in the rectification process.

In Fiorano and Mordano there are rainwater collection tanks for the recovery of rainfall. In 2022, 10.1 million litres of water were collected and fed into the production process, a number that was down from the previous year due to lower rainfall.


Florim recovers and recycles, within the production process, all tile and slab greenware scraps, dust residues from filters and sludge from the wastewater treatment system. As well as the waste from its own production process, the company also reuses waste produced by third parties in both its Italian and United States plants. In 2022, the Italian company was able to sort and send for recovery 58,419 tonnes of waste – including by-products (fired shards) – representing 99% of the total. Including the US site as well, the average is 88%. At Florim USA, fired scrap is recovered during the process, thus not quantified as waste. Furthermore, waste management in the state of Tennessee does not provide for complete sorting, thus not allowing for a better result for the company.


In the ceramic sector, energy consumption for operating production processes is very high, resulting in direct and indirect impacts on the territory and the environment. All the Group’s plants are equipped with state-of-the-art and low-energy impact systems.

Florim is able to self-produce up to 100% of the electricity needed for the operation of its Italian sites thanks to a unique plant setup – in particular, 2 cogeneration plants and photovoltaic panels with a power of 12.3 MWp installed over an area of 127,000 SQM.

When self-produced energy is not enough, since 2021 the company has been purchasing electricity only from certified renewable sources.

In 2022, self-production of electricity reached 78% of the total consumed. Florim has obtained the UNI EN ISO 50001 certification for careful energy management policy.



The packaging of Florim materials can be divided into “primary” (containing the product and in direct contact with it) and “shipping materials” (functional for its transport).


The cardboard carton is the main method of primary packaging. In addition to being 100% recycled and recyclable, it has been carefully designed to minimize use and reduce waste to zero through the use of automatic packaging machines. Shipping materials vary depending on the format of the product (pallets or wooden crates, racks, plastic covers, etc.). Florim only buys EPAL wooden pallets for the transport of 9 mm tiles. This ensures reuse and recycling criteria according to European regulations and compliance with high safety and quality standards. Furthermore, to encourage reuse Florim encourages the return of wooden packaging in good condition through a cash refund. Thanks to a partnership with the Italian supplier of plastic films (hoods used to cover finished products), the company has introduced a project for recovering the waste plastic, which is separately collected and returned to the producer. The material is then treated and regenerated to make a new product ready to be purchased again.

In an effort to minimize the environmental impact also downstream of its production, Florim has drawn up a guide on responsible waste management in order to incentivize the reuse and recycling of materials wherever possible, and in 2022 a Digital Environmental Labelling (EAD) system was introduced to facilitate the retrieval of information on packaging composition and disposal/recycling.



All raw material suppliers are monitored via a software program which records quarry location, distance from the plant, recycled content declaration and technical safety data sheets.

Florim products are therefore manufactured with carefully selected, controlled “ingredients”, blended and transformed into a highly sustainable material.



The Florim ceramic product consists of almost 90% choice quality natural raw materials: clays, kaolins, feldspars and sand. It is followed by finished product packagings, and other typical inputs of the porcelain stoneware production process.


Made in Florim products are a guarantee of safety, high innovative content and eco-friendliness.

The people who produce them work in a safe place and in ethically sustainable conditions.

Due to their nature, all Florim products are guaranteed free from toxic and pollutant emissions, do not accumulate electrostatic charges, are frostproof and completely inert and are undamaged by contact with flames.

You do not have to take our word for it: we have a long list of prestige international process and product certifications.

Explore Florim’s certifications


  • An office energy saving handbook has been produced and distributed, we only use reams of paper which carry environmental certification and the paper used is collected separately for proper disposal.
  • The merchandising tools we distribute are mainly made from recycled paper and we are working towards gradual digitisation. We have also digitised pay slips.
  • We are replacing the vehicles used for handling materials with new electric vehicles.

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