Our environmental awareness

Florim has a long history of environmental sustainability. An awareness that began in the ‘60s and has become an integral part of our business model over time.

Targeted investments worth more than 50 million Euros since 2011 and routine production process management practices have enabled us to achieve major new milestones in the conservation of the environment and resources.


Water is precious, of inestimable value, because it is the source of life.

Virtually no environmental impact of wastewater discharges is specified at Florim, since all the wastewater from the production cycle at the Group’s locations is 100% reused. Rainwater is also collected and reused in the production process – in 2021, 12.8 million liters of rainwater were collected and returned to the production cycle. The only water not recycled is that utilised for the company’s washrooms and kitchens. Overall, just 0.02% water is used to obtain one square metre of material.

What’s more, with our partners we have developed systems that operate without using water, making them even greener.


In a world where use of natural resources is at unsustainable levels, businesses must do everything possible to cut waste.

Florim has therefore decided to recover and reuse 100% of the raw tile and slab waste and dust residues within the production process in all our factories.

Moreover, the company is able to recycle almost 99% of total waste, internally or externally. Besides the waste from our own production cycle, we are also able to recycle waste generated by other producers.


We have installed more than 64,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels with a power of 12,2 MWP and two cogeneration plants, and in optimal conditions we now self-generate up to 100% of the electricity needed to run our factories.

What’s more, our photovoltaic plants have cut CO2 emissions. Since 2012, we have saved more than 111 thousand tons of CO2.



All packaging used for Florim materials is made from recycled paper and all wrappings can be completely recycled by the end user.

State-of-the-art packaging machines that modulate and cut the cardboard packaging to measure, reducing waste to zero have been installed in all the Italian factories.
Thanks to a partnership with its Italian supplier of plastic films (used to cover the finished products), the company has developed a project for the recycling of waste plastic that is sorted and sent back to the manufacturer. The material is then treated and regenerated into a new product ready to be repurchased. This circular system is called “closed loop”.



All raw material suppliers are monitored via a software program which records quarry location, distance from the plant, recycled content declaration and technical safety data sheets.

Florim products are therefore manufactured with carefully selected, controlled “ingredients”, blended and transformed into a highly sustainable material.



The Florim ceramic product consists of almost 90% choice quality natural raw materials: clays, kaolins, feldspars and sand. It is followed by finished product packagings, and other typical inputs of the porcelain stoneware production process.


Made in Florim products are a guarantee of safety, high innovative content and eco-friendliness.

The people who produce them work in a safe place and in ethically sustainable conditions.

Due to their nature, all Florim products are guaranteed free from toxic and pollutant emissions, do not accumulate electrostatic charges, are frostproof and completely inert and are undamaged by contact with flames.

You do not have to take our word for it: we have a long list of prestige international process and product certifications.

Explore Florim’s certifications


  • An office energy saving handbook has been produced and distributed, we only use reams of paper which carry environmental certification and the paper used is collected separately for proper disposal.
  • The merchandising tools we distribute are mainly made from recycled paper and we are working towards gradual digitisation. We have also digitised pay slips.
  • We are replacing the vehicles used for handling materials with new electric vehicles.

The Sustainability Report

It takes more than figures to define a company.

Today, passion, innovation and a constant commitment to improvement are the long-established guidelines of the new, MADE IN FLORIM way of doing business.

Read our Sustainability Report.

Sustainability Report

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