Product sustainability

It is only when an innate attention to design meets the most modern production technology that Florim porcelain stoneware is born.

It starts with selection of the best natural ingredients, meticulously monitored and blended. Then state-of-the-art technology, skilfully guided by human experience, steps in to guarantee quality, safety and respect for people and the environment. The people who produce our materials work in a safe place and in ethically sustainable conditions.

Due to their nature, all the Group’s products are guaranteed free from pollutant emissions, do not accumulate electrostatic charges, are frostproof and completely inert and are undamaged by contact with flames. 100% of greenware waste from the production process and 100% of wastewater are recycled in every Florim plant.



The Florim ceramic product consists of over 90% choice quality natural raw materials.

Florim product certifications

The following is a list of the main product certifications obtained by all or some of the Florim collections.


Florim and Florim USA are members of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the most important association which promotes the reduction of buildings’ negative impact on the environment. To allow the effective monitoring a project’s level of sustainability, the USGBC has developed a certification procedure for the development of sustainable buildings, which assess and certifies the sustainability of a building in its entirety. Florim materials are able to help to gain “LEED” points in a number of areas (data available on the Florim brand websites).


Florim and Florim USA have achieved the prestigious Greenguard certification for all their products. Issued by the American body UL Environment, this certification aims to reduce indoor pollution, caused by interior design systems and materials. UL Environment thus aims to protect health by improving air quality and reducing people’s exposure to chemicals and other pollutants. Florim has also achieved Greenguard Gold Certification, which imposes even stricter limits to confirm that a given product is suitable for use even in locations such as schools and health care facilities.


The EPD, or Environmental Product Declaration, is a document which defines the environmental impacts arising from production. In 2016 Florim participated in the study – certified by the German organisation IBU – performed on the ceramics industry average data, which aims to raise international awareness of the excellence of the environmental standards achieved.


FLORIM stone brand products and some MILE®stone collections are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation – Food Equipment Materials) certified and therefore suitable for use in direct contact with food and food moisture. Specifically, this American certification identifies FLORIM stone as a suitable “solid surface for food zone”.


Florim and MILE®stone products are also supplied complete with HPD – Health Product Declaration. This is a form of self-certification mainly used in the USA and comparable to the European safety data sheet. These are standard declarations for transparent communication on products’ ingredients and the associated risks.


Download all our product and system certifications here.



Multiple design awards

This impressive collection of awards reflects great determination and an innate passion for beauty, which have driven the company to challenge common conceptions and successfully transform what we all call a tile from a functional to a design object.


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