B Corp, an evolutionary way of doing business

We conceive the business as a positive force able to generate profits and at the same time create a virtuous impact on people and the environment. Since forever.

Our choicesday after day, have led us to improve our way of doing business.

Watch the Video “Being sustainable is a daily choice” with the faces of some of the Florim people who contribute to making the company even more responsible, every day.


We vied with the highest social and environmental performance standards, and after a long and scrupulous verification process, we became B Corp.

Companies that succeed in obtaining this certification are the most evolved in the world in terms of their positive social and environmental impact. They constitute a global movement of ‘Purpose Driven Businesses’ whose aim is to diffuse a new economic paradigm, whereby companies are the drivers of social regeneration.


An historical cultural shift is under way, of which we are proud to be a part. One of the underlying principles of all B Corps is the adoption of a regenerative business model as opposed to an extractive one.

Regenerating means not only reducing the impact of business on our surrounding nature and environment, but also producing positive effects, creating shared value in society and regenerating the biosphere.


Only those companies that measure their overall impact through the Benefit Impact Assessment (BIA) exceeding the score of 80 points can be certified as B Corp, joining an elite of regenerative companies. Anyone who does not exceed this threshold is considered an extractive company or, in order to function, they consume higher economic, social and environmental resources than they are able to generate as output.


Florim Italia score is 98.1 points and the consolidated, which includes the American subsidiary, is 90.9 points. Florim Group is now one of the best B Corps throughout the world.


More than 200,000 companies are currently seeking to obtain the certification in compliance with the strictest transparency and sustainability standards.

Only 3% manage to pass the verification process implemented by B Lab, the US certifying body that currently operates on a global scale.

A long-standing choice

This result is merely the consequence of a host of choices made in the past: we have published the Sustainability Report every year since 2008 and, last but certainly not least was the decision to become a Benefit Corporation. On March 19, 2020 we changed our articles of association, formalizing our commitment to produce a positive impact on the community and the ecosystem.

Find out what it means to take such an important step by reading the words of the person who has most strongly advocated this important step, Florim’s Chairman Claudio Lucchese.

Benefit Corporation and B Corp

Florim is now a Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp

The line between a Benefit Corporation and B Corp is not always clear.

B Corp companies are certified by an independent organization further to a diligent process of analysis and verification, based on the highest social and environmental performance standards.

Benefit Corporations on the other hand are those companies that independently decide to change their articles of association, formalizing their commitment to work for the common good. It is a self-assumption of responsibility regulated by law.

For more information and details visit the website bcorporation.eu

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