New collections

Discover the new collections, born from the encounter between technical features, aesthetics and the unmistakable design Made in Florim.

Rêves de Rex

Inspired by the ancient and refined beauty of alabaster, the Rêves de Rex collection transforms the dream of contemporary elegance into reality through delicate nuances and precious colours that are perfectly in step with the most contemporary luxury living trends. From opulence and ostentation, the luxury world evolves towards more understated and balanced decorations notable for their minimalism.

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Les Origines de Rex

Les Origines de Rex explores the harmonious beauty of white marble, combining the sense of luxury and sophistication that has always been associated with this intriguing material with the rigour of its aesthetic and balanced vein patterns, in accordance with the most contemporary decorative trends. The luminous and timeless design of the collection is open to many different stylistic interpretations, from classical to minimalist and through to the warm and natural tones of the Nordic style.

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Sensi of Casa dolce casa

“Sensi of Casa dolce casa” Designed by Matteo Thun surprises visually and tactilely with attractive neutral shades that shape fluid spaces. Surfaces and interplays of light define a decorative concept inspired by non-colour and the graininess of earth.

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Chimera | Elena Salmistraro

In Chimera, Elena Salmistraro merges rigour with self-expression, in a graphic grammar laden with symbolic meaning. Originating from four graphic themes, this family of large slabs has a striking visual extroversion, with motifs that blend different graphic and colour codes with scraps that mimic the surfaces of stones, fabrics and leathers. In this expressive carousel, constantly pursuing the guiding image of the chimera, the designer orchestrates intriguing implanted figures, amplified by the use of an innovative ceramic surface finishing technique.

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I Filati di Rex

I Filati di Rex, the new collection created by Florim in collaboration with Rubelli, evokes the sense of craftsmanship of the centuries-old art of silk with large ceramic slabs that present themselves as innovative fabrics, seductive to the sight and pleasant to the touch, able to preserve the essence and importance of these craftsmen.

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Les Bijoux de Rex

The “Les Bijoux de Rex” collection is inspired by the marble of extremely rare and precious surfaces that can be compared to true works of art. Onyx, red jasper, sodalite and other precious minerals remain among the sources of the artistic outlook of the collection, defining enchanting products with strong chromatic intensity.

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B&W_Marble/ offers the purity of color of the two opposites of light par excellence, as white and black become the background from which a “stone pantone” comes to life, composed of a range of elements more or less regular, recalling the veining of marble.

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Buildtech/ 2.0

The Buildtech/ 2.0 collection expands its design range through a new proposal promoting the powerful coupling of the neutrality of cement with the boldness of saturated colors destined for architecture.

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Onyx&More explores the unexpected elegance of onyx: refined, luminous, and poetic, naturally embellished with porphyry, an unobtrusive and informal stone material. From nature, mysterious and unpredictable, is born a collection surging with expression that plays with the harmonious contrasts and the chromatic blend that only nature can bestow.

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Crayons of Cerim

Crayons of Cerim enhances the coupling of color and design through the brand’s characteristic fresh and functional approach. The collection brings to mind the soft and colorful style of the 1950s, now an increasingly popular source of inspiration for furnishings and decor.

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Rock Salt of Cerim

Inspired by the aesthetics of large blocks of rock salt extracted from underground mines and used also for the construction of walls and salt crystals, the Rock Salt of Cerim collection reimagines the taste of an evocative naturalness capable of making living spaces contemporary.

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Elemental Stone of Cerim

Essential, informal, versatile. These are the distinctive characteristics of Elemental Stone of Cerim, the collection that recreates the clean aesthetic of stone, shaped by nature throughout millennia of history. The collection offers surfaces, in three shades, inspired by sedimentary rocks with their simple, polyhedral aesthetic, composed of granules and calcareous elements of different textures.

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