Designing Swimming Pools

The characteristics of a swimming pool imply a series of concerns in terms of application.

The constant contact with water, treadability in bare feet and strict health and safety regulations impose specific design skills. From a construction technique point of view, the structure in reinforced concrete and the ceramic pool walls should be considered the most prestigious, elegant, hygienic and affordable solution over time. For more than fifty years, Florim has been a leader in the pools sector, providing targeted design support and making their know-how available to customers, assisting them throughout the entire design procedure.

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Swimming Pool Tank Tiles

  • M 12,5x25 cm Liscio SM

  • M 12,5x25 cm Grip SM A+B+C


A non-slip product obtained by means of laser treatment that acts on the enamel, forming micro-cavities that guarantee greater resistance to slipping, water is continuously present. Characteristics of slip-resistant group “A” DIN 51097. The treatment is carried out on any colour of the LISCIO SM range.

  • Step
  • Marking for water polo court, numbering, depth
  • Junctions.


Porcelain Pool Pavers






Edge Pool Tiles

In building a pool, the overflow edge is the element that conditions all the other structural and utility components. The types of overflow edges are subdivided into large families:

  1. “Skimmer” systems

The water exchange takes place directly through skimmers positioned in the pool walls 15-25 cm below the edge. The water is introduced into the skimmer, large residues are filtered out and then it flows toward the filters to be re-introduced, purified, into the pool. For health-legal reasons, this system is only used in private pools today. In fact, the skimmers that collect the water leave large areas of standing water, especially on the surface, where most of the contaminating substances are concentrated.

  1. Overflow systems

Water overflow systems require the presence of a channel where the pool water goes and, from a utilities point of view, they differ from skimmer systems because there is a balance tank, usually hidden, required to compensate for the volumetric water differences created by the higher or lower number of swimmers.


  • Elba (Finnish)

The overflow channel is moved with respect to the bulk of the pool and the fitting is made sloped toward it, resulting in a sort of “beach effect”. Because of its attractive appearance, combined with excellent functionality, this is the most used edge. Thanks to its shape, it is able to buffer the waves without refracting them, a very important advantage for pools used for sports competitions. The special piece placed along the sloped part has a grip for swimmers.

  • Australia (Zurich)

This system is similar to the Elba system, with a different fitting between the channel and the pool that is created at an opposite slope and the initial element of the edge has a raised profile that acts as a grip for swimmers. From a functional point of view, it has the same characteristics as the Elba edge.

  • Capri (Upper Wiesbaden)

The water overflow channel, located at pool deck level adjacent to the pool, is covered with a PVC grill that can be walked on. The special piece creates the pool edge without the addition of other elements since it has a raised part where swimmers can grip. It is mounted directly on the structural wall.

  • Ischia (Lower Wiesbaden)

The channel is inserted in the pool wall 15-20 cm below the pool deck level. This is a type of edge that maintains a water level below the treadable surface without fully using the entire volume of the pool and making it more difficult for swimmers to get out. Nevertheless, it has the advantage of full use of the treadable surface.

  • Abano

This is the pool edge that is suitable primarily for private pools and it requires the simplest filtration system. It consists in only one finishing element of the pool edge corner and implies low filtration and water recirculation quality, which is why it is the most affordable solution.


Pool Coping Tiles

The Dolphin and Marea edges are a true system capable of providing an immediate response to design needs that are increasingly more complex in pools and wellness centers. Both are comprised of two elements, the first made up of an internal core in ultralight, waterproof material with high mechanical resistance that makes it easy to transport and install. The second element is the ceramic wall. In fact, the support can be covered with a wide range of Florim products with high slip resistance.

In an exclusive way, Dolphin and Marea combine the advantages of an ergonomic and aesthetically attractive shape with significant application flexibility, as well as ample design freedom in the choice of materials.

Dolphin lends itself well for use on overflow and skimmer edges in the Elba, Australia and Abano configurations. Marea is well-suited for use with the Elba system.



This revolutionary trim is specially designed to be used as a swimming pool edge. It is composed of a core in ultra-light material with high mechanical resistance and low specifi c weight, and covered in Florim ceramic material selected from the series that have the highest non-slip properties (A+B+C, ref. DIN 51097 standard).


An innovative and revolutionary special trim specially designed to use as a swimming pool edge with the overfl ow system. It is composed of an inner core in ultra-light material with high mechanical resistance and low specifi c weight, covered in FLORIM ceramic material selected from the series with the highest resistance to slipping designed for wet bare feet (normally A+B+C ref. DIN 51097 standard). This special trim also includes the corner element in porcelain stoneware for setting and retaining the grate.


  • Modular 60 cm base.
  • Easy to install with traditional adhesives for ceramics.
  • A wide variety of aesthetic solutions thanks to the possibility of mixing and matching all the Florim collections.
  • Slip-resistant safety thanks to a wide range of non-slip surfaces.
  • Ergonomics that facilitate manual gripping.
  • A wide selection of corner tile solutions.
  • Use in private, public, hotel and thermal pools as well as wellness pools, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Compatible with both skimmer and overflow edges.
  • Possibility of covering the edge with the same material as the flooring and the interior of the pool for greater aesthetic continuity, or working with different color perimeter edges in order to guarantee more safety for swimmers.

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Pool Finishes


Decorations including pictures, trade marks etc. for the inside or the outside of any type and size of pool can be created with the range of tile colours for Architectural design pools, using the most sophisticated water-jet cutting technology. They are created from drawings provided by the customer and Architectural design makes an estimate of the cost each time. The cut tiles which make up the decorated area are packed and numbered accordingly and can be laid without any diffi culty.


After having made an estimate, wall panels can be created to order on Architectural design tiles of M 12.5x25 cm (5x10 in.) and 15x15 cm (6x6 in.) size using the most sophisticated techniques to modify the surface of ceramic materials. The subject has a “photographic” effect and is inserted onto tiles the same size as the area to be tiled. Any image can be reproduced from a slide or a print.

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