Florim’s Climate Positive surfaces reduce CO2 in the atmosphere

We are a B Corp company and our choices are always oriented towards creating more value for people and the environment.

We continue to invest to reduce the emissions generated by our business. Until technological innovation will make it possible for emissions to be finally brought down to zero, we have decided to voluntarily offset the CO2 emissions of all new collections (*).

These considerations originated CarbonZero-, the Florim range of Climate Positive surfaces that go beyond zero impact because they compensate more CO2 than is emitted during the surfaces’ life cycle.

How did we do it?

We have CALCULATED THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of our surfaces along the product life cycle (**) because we aim to reduce all CO2 emissions, including those that occur outside the company.

To contain the emissions from our activity, we have REDUCED THE USE OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND INVESTED in making the production process more sustainable: up to 100% in terms of water, electricity, and waste recovery.

We create a POSITIVE IMPACT: the CarbonZero- collections offset 10% more of the CO2 emitted throughout their life cycle, by supporting certified clean energy projects.

Starting in 2023, all new Florim collections will be part of the CarbonZero- project, combining their usual beauty and design with the positive impact of CO2 savings.

(*) offsetting is achieved through the purchase of CER (Certified Emission Reductions) carbon credits on the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) registry or UNFCC (United Nations Framework for Climate Change).
(**) Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)-certified data.

Download the brochure CarbonZero-


What is CarbonZero-?

“CarbonZero-” is a project by Florim for Climate Positive surfaces that have a positive impact on the planet because they offset 10% more of the CO2 emitted during their life cycle by supporting renewable energy projects in developing countries.

Why did Florim create CarbonZero-?

Florim wants to protect our planet and help fight climate change. This is why it has been investing for many years to minimise its environmental impact. However, the technologies currently available do not allow the production of ceramics with zero CO2 emissions, which is why the company decided to compensate voluntarily for the emissions it cannot yet avoid.

What are “Climate Positive” surfaces?

“Climate Positive” means that the activity goes beyond achieving carbon neutral emissions to create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. “Carbon Negative” means the same thing as “Climate Positive”.

How does Florim calculate the environmental impact of its surfaces?

Florim studies the entire life cycle of its surfaces, from creation to disposal, to understand how much CO2 is emitted. This study is based on a certified data called EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

Which collections fall within the CarbonZero- range?

The first CarbonZero- collections are: CEDIT’s “Compatta” collection, Biotech, Coretech, Essential Mood, Eccentric Luxe and Stone Life by FLORIM, as well as all FLORIM stone collections. From now on, all new Florim series will be part of the CarbonZero- project.

What does certified carbon credit mean?

The carbon credit represents the reduction or removal of one tonne of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere. Certified carbon credits are a tool used by businesses as part of their climate change mitigation strategies to offset residual greenhouse gas emissions. “Certified” carbon credits (with certification by a third party) are the only ones that result in a real offset of greenhouse gas emissions. Buying carbon credits therefore means supporting regenerative projects for the environment.

How does Florim offset the CO2 emissions of its collections?

Florim buys CER (Certified Emission Reductions) carbon credits from the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) registry of UNFCC (United Nations Framework for Climate Change). Each carbon credit represents the reduction or removal of one tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Why do we say that CarbonZero- products reduce CO2 from the atmosphere?

CarbonZero- products are not only “Carbon Neutral” but also become “Climate Positive” or “Carbon Negative” as they offset some of the CO2 emissions generated by other products (specifically 10% more).

Why was it decided to support certified renewable energy projects?

Florim has chosen to support projects that create renewable energy in line with the company strategy that espouses a business paradigm that benefits the planet (Florim is the first B Corp certified ceramic industry). Renewable energies are the solution to accelerate the move away from fossil fuels. Investing in and helping developing countries face the energy transition necessary to achieve climate neutrality is an important choice for Florim to protect our planet before climate change becomes irreversible.

What differentiates the CarbonZero- project from those carried out by other competitors?

Many competitors do not adopt a CO2 offsetting policy and do not have “Carbon Neutral” products. Compared to those few manufacturers that adopt offsetting strategies, Florim does not only neutralise every tonne of CO2 emitted by CarbonZero- surfaces, but offsets 10% more than that emitted during the product’s entire life cycle. In this way it creates products that are not only Carbon Neutral, but “Climate Positive/Carbon Negative”.

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