Innovation and investment

We look to the future, empowered by our roots.

During the most difficult years for the global ceramic industry, we put all our efforts into achieving results that seemed like dreams. This page summarises the most recent stages of a journey that has led to Florim’s current passion, courage and desire to innovate.

Our Florim factories comply with the highest standards and our goal is to constantly improve processes with a constant focus on environmental impact. Our investments are also moving in this direction, introducing important innovations in terms of both production and logistics. Two of our huge factories are particularly notable. They are practically the same from an aesthetic standpoint; they boast the same high technology and the same Industry 4.0 approach.


Industry 4.0 factory - Mordano (Bologna)

70 million euros and just 6 months of construction time resulted in a 56,000 sq m production plant that adjoins the existing factory. A new technologically advanced hub, high automation and data and plant interconnections mark a new milestone for the global ceramic industry.

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Industry 4.0 factory - Fiorano Modenese (Modena)

A hub of technology and automation that covers an area of 48,000 square metres (next to the institutional headquarters). The factory is exclusively dedicated to processing and logistics related to Florim Magnum Oversize large slabs (in sizes exceeding 3 metres in height and 1.6 metres in width). The company is a market leader for this type of product, in terms of both the breadth of its range and its presence on the market.

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Our latest investments

Florim’s latest key investments.

2020 - Flagship Store London

A place for contacts and dialogues with architecture professionals in one of the liveliest contemporary design districts


2020 - Flagship Store in Frankfurt

A place for meeting and dialoguing with architecture professionals in the Central European area.


2019 - Flagship Store in Singapore

Opening of the new Florim Flagship Store in Singapore, a strategic contact point with the architecture and design world in the Far Eastern market.


2019 - 26,000 sq m of solar panels in Fiorano Modenese

26,000 sq m of solar panels on the roof of the new Industry 4.0 factory in Fiorano go into operation. It is one of the largest rooftop photovoltaic systems in Italy


2018 - Fiorano Modenese 4.0 Factory

A large job site is taking shape in the Fiorano Modenese Florim Headquarters and it will lead to the construction of a new example of 4.0 industry. A 48,000 m2 structure connected to the Mordano plant and designed to handle and process large sheets.


2017 - Cogeneration plant at the Mordano plant

An 8.3 MW cogeneration plant goes into operation at the Mordano plant


2017 - Moscow Flagship store

Located in the prestigious Stanislavskogo street area (Taganskaya metro) in the heart of Moscow, a new institutional space that is a point of reference for design professionals.


2017 - Mordano 4.0 Factory

A new and technologically advanced hub, high automation and interconnection of data and systems mark a new benchmark for the global ceramics industry.


2016 - Milan CEDIT space

CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia opened the single-brand space in Milan: a location of about 200 m² arranged on two floors adjacent to the Florim Flagship Store, confirming the presence of the Group in the heart of Brera, the Milanese design district.


2015 - Milan Flagship store

Grand opening of the Milan Flagship store on via Foro Buonaparte: in a late nineteenth century building, 13 windows overlook the two entrances from Foro Buonaparte and Via Sacchi, framing 1,000 square meters of floor space on two levels.


2015 - New York Flagship store

Grand opening of the New York Flagship store in the centre of Manhattan: versatile and dynamic, it spreads out over more than 500 square meters at the corner of Madison Avenue and 32nd street in an early Twentieth Century Art Deco style building.


2014 - Fiorano Modenese logistical hub

The new Florim logistical hub came on line in the Fiorano Modenese headquarters.


2014 - Health&training centre

The health&training centre opened in the Fiorano Modenese headquarters, in collaboration with the Sassuolo Hospital.


2013 - Florim gallery

Opened in 2013, Florim Gallery is the space dedicated primarily to product exhibition and at the same time designed as an ideal place to host events.


2012 - Solar panels at the Fiorano Modenese headquarters

19,000 sq m of solar panels become fully operational at the Fiorano headquarters


2011 - Cogeneration plant at Fiorano Modenese

Florim installs its first large cogeneration plant at the Fiorano plant


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