20 mm porcelain stoneware Installation systems

Gluing with adhesive

In any area subject to high static or dynamic loads, Florim Outdoor, installed using the classic method (adhesive), is the technical response that can withstand the test of time. It is the ideal flooring to withstand any stress, even in high traffic and urban areas.

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- urban décor spaces, driveways, garages, sidewalks, non-slip outdoor flooring, pools, wellness centers and industrial areas

Warning: No particular measures are required compared to thinner ceramic materials but you should remember that a check of the consistency and flatness of the bed should be performed before gluing the sheet. For installation in environments subject to heavy static or dynamic loads, we recommend gluing with improved C2 class adhesives and a double coat of glue (on the bed and on the back of the sheet). In the event of multi-size installation, Florim anticipates the modularity of its products with 3 mm of spacing.



  • Creation of driveway surfaces
  • High resistance to stress
  • Use for pool edges
  • ideal for preventing rainwater from reaching the area beneath the flooring
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