Private house, K House

  • Designer KIDAN Architects&Designers
  • Place Daegu - South korea
  • Category Residential
  • Solution Ventilated façades , S1
Private house, K House

The private residence K_House (Daegu), designed by the KIDAN Architects&Designers studio in 2020, brings out all the elegance of Florim surfaces.

The facade of the apartment, made with B&W Marble, is able to skilfully combine elegance and functionality. The White color conveys the idea of purity and harmony to the building, accentuating its linear design. The porcelain stoneware slabs, combined with the wooden surfaces, create a one-of-a-kind play of light and shadow.

For the construction of the facade, the Florim S1 anchoring system was used, ideal for combining aesthetics, functionality, maintenance, and energy efficiency. Clean and elegant thanks to the absence of visible anchors, extremely versatile thanks to the possibility of working the slabs on site, safe thanks to the achievement of the ETA certification and the double anchoring (chemical and mechanical).

The S1 system is our flagship system today.

In this project they were used


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