Meí Soulful Sushi | Studio Magenis

  • Designer Studio Mageins
  • Place Crema - IT
  • Category Ho.Re.Ca.
Meí Soulful Sushi | Studio Magenis

The artisan/industrial vocation of the building from the early 1900s selected as the location for “Meì soulful sushi” was enhanced by precise and attentive operations in observance of the peculiarities of the existing environments. In one of the dining halls, a portion of historic wall inspired the creation of an “intimate” space around the the glow generated by a “blade” of light at the foot of the wall, whereas the entrance is characterized by a continuous cladding between wall and floor made using porcelain stoneware with a strong visual impact.

The renovation bravely consisted more in removing than adding, in search of an elegant balance between beauty and function, moving away from the most common stereotype of what a Japanese restaurant should be. The project also allows dialogue between the indoor and outdoor areas: you can look through the spaces, reaching what becomes the third “en-plein-air” dining area when the weather is nice, where your relaxation is guaranteed by the use of natural materials, plant life and soft lights.

The bar counter chandelier was custom made following the firm's instructions. The incandescent light bulbs were recovered with a blown glass bulb, already present in the restaurant's previous location, thereby providing a sign of revamped continuity.
A strong and characterizing element of the restaurant is the fresco by artist Luca Bray which, focusing on the naked walls of the central dining hall, created a work unique in its beauty, intensity and character.

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