Interior colours: an architect’s guide to the trends of 2020

Interior colours: an architect’s guide to the trends of 2020

The importance of choosing the right colour

Colour is a personal and distinct sensation that can inspire us directly. Often, we associate each single colour with our experiences and the context that surrounds us every day.

Ahead of a completely new decade, when we choose a colour, we always look for meaning, because it’s important to know how to interpret the trends of the moment through our own tastes.

The new trends for 2020 interpret interior spaces as real narratives. Featuring natural associations and contrasts, environments are increasingly defined by reinterpreted, lively and fascinating shades. The colours of the next interior design products will not stop challenging and surprising us.


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Evocative of fresh and natural tones

This year, many interior projects have found inspiration in a very specific reference: nature in all its expressions, evoking a spontaneous atmosphere. Precisely through the use of green, floral patterns and flooring featuring sophisticated chromatic backgrounds, 2020 will propose this character again, but in an even more decisive and dynamic way.

With particular attention to new trends, environments acquire personality and a sense of completeness, especially through the strong interest in combining external and internal elements through improved colours.


living room design with natural colors

Natural inspiration for re-covering stoneware in the Les Bijoux de rex collection
view the collection


The new decade seems to gaze towards the future but without neglecting the past: it aims to conserve the vintage spirit of the past few seasons through a new context of shades featuring fresh and natural tones.


The exclusive character of the new suggestions

In delicate and timeless elegance, we can find new inspirations that are marked above all by the presence of refined materials. By giving particular attention to the various combinations, the suggestions of the next season present bright and refined contrasts.

Inspired by marble and nature’s most precious tones, the surfaces stage the spaces and the objects that are their protagonists in the foreground. Intended as both a distinctive feature as well as a complement to other colours emerging within the room, the various wall covering products of 2020 feature both clear and opaque finishes, depending on the desired effect.


black and white marble-effect floor

Stoneware flooring with opaque surface inspired by black and white marble from the collection B&W_Marble by Floor Gres
view the collection


Creating associations in line with new trends, the latest suggestions are distinguished by the strong character that they dedicate to space, proving themselves to be perfect for evoking secondary materials and details such as metals, stone, marble, zinc, and wood.


Brilliant and warm colours to promote lively sensations

2020’s colour palette is welcoming and varied, allowing it to be applied to various creative contexts. 

From the triumph of the dark and defined nuances of last season, the new interior design trends offer bright and warm colours to promote lively sensations.

Sparkling, intense and contemporary tones are conveyed through colours such as Neo Mint, pastel green, and cantaloupe, the new late-summer orange.


inspirations in neo mint colour

bathroom in neo mint shades

Neo Mint inspirations for porcelain stoneware coverings from the Cromatica collection by Formafantasma for CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia
view the collection


barbershop design in mint green colors

Mint green shades for the coating of stoneware in the Artwork collection by Casa dolce casa – casamood
view the collection


contrasting colors design of a coffeeshop

Large format tiles in coloured stoneware from the Araldica collection by Federico Pepe for CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia
view the collection


room with raw canvas-effect stoneware coverings

Raw canvas-effect stoneware coverings with coloured inserts from the Euridice collection by Giorgio Griffa for CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia
view the collection


Inspired by the call of nature, these unusual preferences are accompanied by shades such as Purist Blue, a delicate shade that matches the shades of previous years.


interior design with bright details

Stoneware slabs in the colour Purist Blue from the Rilievi collection by
Zaven for CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia
view the collection


bathroom with stoneware coverings

Stoneware coverings from the Archeologie collection by Franco Guerzoni for CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia
view the collection


restaurant in color purist blue

Purist Blue shades for the large format tiles in the Storie collection by Giorgia Zanellato & Daniele Bortotto for CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia
view the collection


The colours of Mellow Yellow, deep in its earthy tones, and Blackcurrant, consisting of a cool pink graduation, interpret vintage atmospheres revisited in a contemporary key through a sophisticated variety of bold pastel tones.


stoneware wall covering yellow and grey stripes

Stoneware wall covering featuring yellow and grey stripes from the Crayons of Cerim collection
view the collection


glass mosaic yellow mellow color

Glass mosaic with Yellow Mellow nuances for the Vetro collection by Casa dolce casa – casamood
view the collection


glass covering Gold collection

Glass covering with gold leaf insert from the Gold collection by Rex
view the collection


bathroom witth yellow glass decoration

Play of light thanks to the glass decoration featuring round shapes from the Extra Light collection by Rex
view the collection


pink stoneware covering

Crayons of Cerim Stoneware covering from the Crayons of Cerim collection
view the collection


porcelain stoneware in blackcurrant tones

Detail featuring Blackcurrant tones from the “I Filati di Rex” collection in porcelain stoneware
view the collection


stoneware covering with vertical stripes

Covering featuring vertical stripes from the Neutra 6.0 collection by Casa dolce casa – casamood
view the collection


In an interior design project, as well as the mood that we want to convey, the choice of colour is tied up with the shape and organisation of the setting itself.

In cases where space is limited, warm shades on the background walls are perfect for bringing perception closer. To achieve the opposite effect, light and delicate tones should be chosen to make the smallest environments look bigger. Indeed, by reflecting more light, these latter shades have the function of visually enlarging limited interiors.


A contemporary touch for unusual and original ideas

Whether for an original presence in everyday life or in domestic interiors, the latest trends always lend themselves to new challenges.

In the past, style was understood in a classic and modern sense, but contemporary inspirations can combine several elements. This strong impulse is provided by the combination of singular gradations to materials, textures and objects with different suggestions, to conclude the search for natural and delicate effects.

The colours of the new trends thus describe the spaces that surround us in an even more personal and captivating way. The key to this originality lies in the ability to balance soft and bright shades, distinguishing one’s own style with unusual and original ideas.


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