Restaurant Landerik

  • Planer GAO architects
  • Ort Lubjana – SL
  • Kategorie Ho.Re.Ca.
Restaurant Landerik

When designing the interior of the new Landerik restaurant, the point of departure were the intended functions and the potential of the available space. Arches and high ceilings emphasize the narrow and long space, while keeping in mind the spirit of the time in which the building was constructed.
For the flooring, the large slabs of Neutra 6.0 have been used in the Petrolio shade. Fine porcelain stoneware becomes a true element of design, providing unexpected personal styles unleashed by new, vibrant shades of color.

Photo credit: Miran Kambič


Neutra 6.0

Casa dolce casa - Casamood

07 petrolio



6,00 mm

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