Ventilated facades with BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an integrated approach to building design that allows architects and professionals to design and create a digital and three-dimensional representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a project by enabling users to integrate useful data from each stage of the design process into a single 3D model. This also allows you to carry out all assessments that, generally speaking, are only done at a later stage (choice of materials, cost analysis, building management evaluations, etc.).

Advantages include: greater speed, fewer errors and less reworking of plans, efficiency and greater control.

In Europe, it has already been adopted in the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway and France, while in Italy it is compulsory from this year onward, but only for projects valued at more than 100 million euro, a threshold that will gradually decrease so that by 2022, all new buildings will be included.

BIM is destined to revolutionize the construction industry by, on the one hand, making sector-based suppliers recognize the need to implement it if they want to become more competitive and win new jobs and, on the other hand, giving architects and designers greater decision-making power when it comes to choosing materials and products, starting from the early design stages of the project.

For this reason, we are making the BIM objects of our main ventilated facade systems available to designers: S1 Magnum, S4/S4 Light and V2.


For each Ventilated Facade system with BIM, you can download:

Ventilated wall on Revit

.rvt files compatible with Revit by Autodesk (one of the leading software programs for architectural design using BIM)

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)

.ifc files compatible with all software programs that use BIM technology

Instruction manual for using the BIM objects

Instruction manual

Textures for Ventilated Facade with BIM

Slab texture

All files in a zip folder

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