Private villa Inverigo | Mario Brenna

  • Designer Mario Brenna
  • Place Inverigo - IT
  • Category Residential
Private villa Inverigo | Mario Brenna

On the ground floor, a large living area was created with a dining room and kitchen, exposed to create a unified space leading to the perception of a more spacious environment which, thanks to the large windows, provides a visual continuum of the living area with the exterior of the property.

On the same floor there are two rooms. One is a guest room with a private bathroom and the other is the master bedroom, complete with a walk-in closet and private bathroom. A small bathroom was also placed near the entrance to serve the living area. The basement houses a large tavern with accessory rooms and an internal courtyard with an open-air staircase characterized and illuminated by a window overlooking the pool.
As for the exterior space, specifically the patio in correspondence to the living room where the large window is located that connects the interior and exterior, all the way to the pool, the same flooring as the living area was chosen in order to promote and highlight the visual connection the designers wanted to create between the inside an outside.

The laying of the flooring chosen for the entire project was studied in order to characterize or join the spaces. The choice of a single color gave the environments unity, whereas the use of different sizes and different laying styles creates a clear distinction between the rooms.

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