With its dynamic and fresh style, Cerim was the Florim brand capable of responding with immediacy to a wide segment of the public eager to create stylish environments with a recognizable design.


The development into Contemporary Design

Before 2022, FLORIM was the “Corporate Brand” and all its products were classified under six subcategories: Floor Gres, Rex, Cerim, Casa dolce casa – Casamood, CEDIT and FLORIM stone.

In February 2022, Florim also became a “product brand”, and the four “pioneer brands” (Floor Gres, Rex, Cerim, Casa dolce casa – Casamood) evolved into four FLORIM expressions of design, each with its own style inherited from its forebears.

The Cerim brand thus evolved into Florim’s expression of Contemporary Design.



The Cerim brand


To the customer looking for a functional and contemporary ceramic product, Cerim offered an appealing range of increasingly high-performance materials, new sizes, new thicknesses and different surfaces to indulge the tastes of a wide market segment.

Thanks to the Florim Group’s quality, research and technology, Cerim products were suitable for all medium- and low-traffic private and commercial living environments.


The history of the brand

Cerim’s story began in the early 1960s in Mordano, in the province of Bologna, in the heart of the ceramics hub of Faenza, an important manufacturing district historically dedicated to the world of glazed earthenware.

In 1990, the company specializing in the production of coordinated floors and coverings was acquired by Floor Gres, thus giving birth to Florim Ceramiche.

The Cerim brand was created with an orientation toward the residential market, concentrating on the manufacture white-body wall covering materials. The evolution of the market has resulted in a stylistic turn for the brand, now geared toward product freshness and versatility.


The Cerim brand thus evolved into Florim’s expression of Contemporary Design.


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