How to handle large format tiles

How to handle large format tiles: instructions

How to handle: suggested tools

  • Parallel and transverse guides
  • Reinforced trolley

How to handle: detailed instructions with images

For handling the slabs, as well as for cutting and laying, Florim recommends the use of a kit of devices designed especially for large sizes.

  1. To increase rigidity and limit twisting, use a system composed of parallel and transverse guides for manual handling of the 160x320cm slab.Guide parallele e traverse per movimentazione grandi lastre
  2. For a perfect adhesion clean the slab and the suckers with a damp sponge.
    pulizia grande lastra
  3. This device also has suckers that run along the guides and adhere to the ceramic slab. Make sure that a vacuum is created between the device and the surface. A single guide device can be used for sizes of 150cm maximum length.
    movimentazione grandi lastre: sottovuoto tra dispositivo e superficie
  4. Florim recommends to carry out handling operations of the 160x320cm slab with four operators at the same time.
    quatrro operatori per movimentazione grandi lastre
  5. Lift the slab along the long side and hang it vertically to the handles of the frame.
    sollevare la lastra seguendo il lato lungo
  6. Set the guides to the trolley needed for carrying the slab. For the 160x320cm size a suitably reinforced trolley is recommended.
    movementare la lastra con carrello

Florim recommends the same procedure for handling the 120x240cm and all other sub-sizes, where only two operators are sufficient.

How to handle decorated products

When handling, avoid contact with abrasive material, do not leave utensils or other objects on the slab’s surface.


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How to handle: video tutorial

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